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The global leader in Lighted Mirrors-Magic We have been serving the project, retail, wholesale and residential industries for over nine years with product lines that include Lighted Mirrors, Mirror TVs, lighted Mirror Cabinets, Makeup Mirrors、framed mirror、Electric Mirror’s presence in Magic Mirror is an exciting trend in modern bathroom lighting that brings minimalism to a whole new level.Bathroom mirrors light fixtures combine your lighting and mirror in one. Magic Mirror makes your space more concise and convenient, bring you a new vision and feeling.

Why do we need a light mirror?

Bathroom mirrors are essential components to the bathroom. After all, you use them every day to put on makeup, shave or give yourself a quick glance before racing out the door. Vanity mirrors are available in a wide range of styles with many features. Fogless mirrors are worthy investments while powder room mirrors are typically more decorative, and lighted mirror cabinets are more practical since you need to stash toiletries and daily necessities in them. A frameless bathroom mirror for an ultra sleek look is very suitable for contemporary bathroom.

Introducing the fresh new smart mirror

A Smart Mirror is like any other Mirror but it is manufactured with a lot of Hardware-Technology like temperature sensors, LED for illumination, LCD Display for information, internet connection, touch capabilities, and a brain that is an internet of things Operating System.
The first time you see a Smart Mirror in person you will be amazed on the beautiful technology it is, the mirrors have been with us for almost 200 hundred years and it has been a luxury piece of decoration, now add it all of this hardware technology and you have one of the most beautiful products with high potential but…

What can it do for us?

The smart intelligent mirror can provide up to date information, such as weather, calendar events, news, social media and more.Imagine waking up, going to your bathroom to get ready to conquer the day and you look into your mirror and you receive all the information you need to start your day, like weather information/forecast, emails, calendar, estimated traffic to your destination and endless possibilities. All of this without moving a finger, that’s the purpose of technology, to make our life easier and focus on what it’s really important.
Besides our homes, Smart Mirrors can be used in various business like clothing shops, beauty shops, barber shops, kiosk mall, and many more. But it isn’t all about the interactive “kiosk” type, it’s more about the Artificial Intelligence it can bring to the world, telling you all the info you need depending on the place you are.

Let’s think more about it!

Imagine going to your Beauty Shop to get a haircut, everything is normal, everything looks the same but they have smart mirrors installed instead of normal mirrors, now instead of waiting in your chair or look into old magazines you can browse a book of haircuts in the mirror in front of you, you can watch your favorite videos, read a book, watch movies or Tv series right in the mirror in front of you, all of this sitting in your chair and with a remote control. This is a game changer for most of the industries that have mirrors installed and is a crucial part in their business.


Introducing our newest innovation

Smart mirror is from the elegant and ergonomically-designed launcher.That is why Magic Mirror can integrate smart technology into beautiful、ause – magnificent、luxurious mirrors. And Magic Mirror brings smart mirrors to a whole new level. Their forms and functions have never been better friends. For instance, when the magic mirror is turned off, the display vanishes completely, leaving nothing but a stunning mirror for you to enjoy in your bathroom, entry or living area. But when you turn it on, the same mirror becomes the technological heartbeat of your home, brings your entire digital world in one large, elegant, intuitive and easy-to-use display.In oterh words, Magic Mirror is  offering unmatched efficiency and convenience.

newest innovation smart mirror

Trend and Hot-sale product

The LED light mirrors from Magic Mirror are natural-looking light and corrosion-resistant mirror glass. It has a modern style that suits your everyday needs. Its energy-efficient LED technology comes with an IP44 safety rating, which is the most common certification for rating light safety.
The LED light has three color temperatures to choice, in which the white light is very popular, is used by professional makeup artists to ensure that you always have the intended shade before you leave the house. Besides, the mirror frame is powder coated, which is durable and won’t erode with time. This is safer and lasts longer than paint. The silver glass-backed mirror provides you with a crisp, clear and flawless reflection.
Select mirrors can be enhanced with your choice, such as sensor switch, dimmer, anti-fog pad, digital clock, dual voltage shaver socket, stereo Bluetooth, magnifier, CCT adjustable switch, and add TV/HDMI/USB/AV Audio/CVBS input connector, etc, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Simply choose a lighted or non-lit mirror you like, then select the size needed, and then there will become the most favorite place you’d love going. Above all, LED mirrors light make it easy to your perfect home – your office, your bathroom, your living area, even your entryway. There fore, here you will find out the most favorite lighted mirror designs, which is popular and never out of style.

Classic Simplicity Mirrored Cabinet

Mirrored cabinet is simplicity in both form and function.So it can easily accentuate any design style you choose. As it features exceptional reflectivity, glass shelving, and conveniently placed integrated outlets, at last puts the electric lighted mirror and storage function together. In Magic Mirror, there are lighted mirror cabinets with metal frame or wooden frame, and shelve made from glass or wood. It all depends on your choice. Above all here you will find out your favorite mirror cabinet.





Make up lighted up mirror

What you want is what we pursuit. For make-up lighted mirror, we have many styles. Such as  Hollywood makeup mirror; wall mounted mirror with led light in round or square, acrylic wall lighted mirror, table top round mirror with led light, led dimmable make-up mirror, more over we have bulb make up mirror for your choice.

LED Makeup Mirror
LED Makeup Mirror
LED Makeup Mirror
LED Makeup Mirror